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Vele'An Passion News

More Skin Than Dress At the Met Gala

November 16, 2015

At the latest Met Gala, there appeared to be a LOT more skin than dress on display. I personally do love to have a stunning evening gown that I can wear to some special event or even a sexy little cocktail dress that will have people whispering over their Martinis.What I don’t understand is, is it really necessary for the likes of Beyoncé dressed by Riccardo Tisci, Peter Dundas for Robert Cavalli’s dress for Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez dressed by Atelier Versace to totally forget about telling the designers to add a little fabric to their gowns before they walk out the door with them?Even though these women do have very lovely figures, and I am certain they work... Continue Reading →

An Art Form on the Verge of Extinction: Turkish Towel Weaving

October 21, 2015

The towel was a very important part of Turkish social life and continues to be so. Originally, it had many uses such as, for the ceremonial bath of a bride before her wedding and for important occasions later in life. History of the TowelOf course, the hamam also has had an undeniable relationship with these luxurious towels, as had the royalty of the Ottoman Empire. The towel would still be a drab piece of cloth were it not for the the intercession of the Ottomans in the 17th century. Special thanks must go to the women in the palace that pushed their weavers to make more and more exquisite pieces.They brought style, design and flair to towels.PestamelThe hamam towel, called "pestamel" was and still... Continue Reading →

Authentic vs. Knockoff Designer Evening Wear

August 20, 2015

As people work hard and long hours in their day to day regiments, they will often come upon certain periods of times when they feel as if they have earned a right to reward themselves. Whether such rewards are attained in the form of presents, food, clothing, entertainment, vacations, or anything else is solely up to their very own preferences. However, there is one category of reward in which the majority of us can attest to taking a part in. That category is fashion.Buying highly unique and creative designs of fashion items can certainly be considered as being a hobby for many of us. Whether we like to admit it or not, there will often be a clothing, jewelry, or accessory... Continue Reading →

Is Soy Good or Bad for Hair?

July 18, 2015

You would think that soy is really healthy for your hair. Let's look at the over all science behind soy (and tofu) on your body. Soy is very common protein for working out. But of all the supplemental proteins, it has the highest amount of arginine per 100 gms ([i]). Arginine is extremely anabolic. It is the main component in Creatine. Creatine has been shown to raise DHT levels and cause hair loss. Soy isoflavones also have some goitrogenic and estrogenic activity. Because soy is goitrogenic it can affect the thyroid. Low thyroid causes hair loss especially in menopausal women. The problem is that a small amount of soy that is found in the Japanese diet, such as tofu, may... Continue Reading →


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